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What is the IIC?
The Islamic Information Center is a “grass-roots” organization that has been formed for the purpose of informing the public, mainly through the media, about the real image of Islam and Muslims.

Who is running IIC?
The IIC is run by our chairman, Maulana Syed Naqvi, our committees, and supported by our volunteers. We have four active committees at this time, and they are Public Relations (PR), Publication, Computer/Website (IT), and Media (MR) Committees. As of now, we have 25-30 people working in these active committees and we have many volunteers as well.

Why do we need IIC?
After the September 11th attacks on this country, there was a desperate need for Islamic Information, and unfortunately, there was not any kind of center that could sufficiently handle the surge of questions that came from the media and the general public. So as many of you know, the people tried to find their own information, mainly on the internet, where there is a massive amount of “anti-Islam/anti-Muslim” websites and consequentially got incorrect, or extremely biased information which has lead to the “Muslim bashing” that is so common today.

What are the goals of the IIC?
The goal of the Islamic Information Center is to provide a website and office where the same people that got the incorrect information in the first place can have a chance to receive correct information. We will also be in contact with the various media groups to educate them on what the actual practices and beliefs of Islam are, so that they can make well-informed statements themselves, and hopefully correct many of the unjustly biased ideas that have bombarded the public, just by these people correcting their own opinions about Islam and Muslims.

What can you do for IIC?
Because our goals involve a lot of hands on work, we need many of you to volunteer, but most importantly, this work can not be done for free. All of the committee members are volunteers, but the various materials we need to use, well, they can’t exactly volunteer, so if you are unable to make a commitment of time, please make a commitment of money. We are asking people to commit on a yearly timeframe; and what that means is, instead of giving $30, $50, or $100 dollars every week or month, you give a once a year donation of $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 and then it’s off of your mind for the whole year. If you would like to make a yearly commitment, contact the IIC secretary, Sis Fatima Mehdi or a member of any IIC committee, whose names are listed in the “Committee Reports” Section.

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