IIC Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Direction

The Islamic Information Center, after a hiatus, has returned in a new format and with a more focused mission in order to best service the needs of the American Muslim community. IIC returns on its 10th Anniversary with a brand new webpage, a new dedication to community activism, and with a fresh stance. [FA_Lite id=”35″]

IIC has gone through many changes since its founding in 2002, and in its newest format, will primarily serve as a news organization – dedicated to unbiased, topical, and accurate reporting of stories that are of critical importance to Muslims around the world

Individuals interested in obtaining round the clock information, and the latest updated stories on Islamic issues, can go to the IIC webpage 24 hours a day, and constantly receive the latest updated news. IIC’s new webpage has a modified version of “Islam in 60 Seconds” available throughout the day, with fresh new stories throughout the day – every day. Want to see it?