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IIC Praises Humanitarian Efforts By Celebrities

The Islamic Information Center would like to acknowledge actors Brad Pritt and Angelina Jolie for their generous donation to help children affected by the war in Iraq.

According to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which Jolie co-chairs, the hollywood couple is distributing a total of $1 million through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

This incredible gesture of charity is deeply appreciated by the Islamic community, and we would like to congratulate Jolie and Pitt for such a munificent act.

The money Jolie and Pitt donated will be sent to four different organizations that aid children who have lost homes, school, or even parents.

The money Jolie and Pitt donated will be sent to four different organizations that aid children who have lost homes, school, or even paretnts—including both kids in Iraq and the U.S. These organizations include Women for Women International, which gives school materials and essential needs to women and children; the International Rescue Committee, which restores schools; NineMillion.org, which provides books and uniforms to 2,000 children; and the Armed Services YMCA Operation Hero Program, which provides military families with counseling and a way to improve their education.

This is not the first time that the couple have donated a large sum of money towards a great cause. Last year the two hollywood stars gave $300,000 to aid Darfur refugees. The Islamic Information Center is thankful for the big hearts of these two celebrites, and hope to see others follow their lead.

The Islamic Information Center, under the guidance of Imam Syed Naqvi, works to bring understanding among people of all faiths and background in an attempt to build bridges for the future to prevent hate crimes through education and tolerance. IIC also works to correct any misinformation about matters relating to the Holy Religion of Islam.

Obama’s Breakthrough

What appeared unthinkable yesterday looks realisable today. Obama could become the 44th President of the United States.

44 years ago, before the advent of the Civil Rights Act in America, there was still legal separation between blacks and whites, including, but not limited to, the use of separate bathrooms, drinking from different water fountains, and sitting separately in buses. During the time of President Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945), lynchings of blacks could occur (and did occur) in the American South, without legal repercussions. There were significant roadblocks which prevented blacks from exercising their right to vote.

To see then Obama emerge as the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party is a momentous event and an historic breakthrough. It overcame a dark legacy of slavery, civil war, segregation, and racial polarisation. The crowning moment will come during the Democratic National Convention set for late August at Denver, Colorado.
Unhappy over Iraq, a faltering economy, and on the overall direction of the US, millions of Americans have shifted to Obama to express their aspirations for change and hopes for a better future. And, by doing so, they delivered an unexpectedly crushing blow to the Clinton Machine, which had a stranglehold on the Democratic Party for nearly two decades, and whose dynastic resumption of the US Presidency seemed inevitable. For this, American democracy owes a debt of gratitude to Obama.

With an African father and with Muslim kin, both in Kenya and in Indonesia, and with a non-Anglo Saxon sounding name, Obama had to – and has to – fight and transcend both racism and Islamophobia. For a virtual unknown to become a dragon-slayer in US politics is quite a feat.

A key question is how will Obama fare? Compared to whom? It is unfair to compare Obama to America’s best President, Abraham Lincoln, who led the federal forces in the American Civil War, saved the Union, and got assassinated in the process. But it is certainly fair to compare Obama to the current occupant of the White House.
The legacy of Bush has been one of waging illegal wars, of flouting the US constitution and the Geneva Conventions, of roiling relations in the Muslim world, of mismanaging the US economy, of accelerating the spread of violent zealotry, and of making Americans feel unsafe as never before, whether at home or abroad. NBC’s Baghdad bureau chief, Richard Engel, in his new book, War Journal: My Five Years in Iraq, writes: “The problem was that the US invaded the wrong country, not responsible for 9/11…I don’t know how you recover from invading the wrong country.”

Based on the foregoing, Obama cannot do worse, even with respect to US-Pakistan relations.

And then, there is the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. McCain certainly has admirable attributes. Coming from a family of naval admirals, McCain suffered torment during his time as a captured POW during the Vietnam conflict. But he hasn’t offered any new prescriptions to differentiate himself and his platform from the failed policies of his Republican predecessor, George Bush. McCain’s philosophy – as incited by his closest adviser, Islam-bashing Senator Joseph Lieberman – puts him in the path of continuing the blindly one-sided bellicose stance in the broader Muslim world.

While the American people yearn for change, in McCain they may get more of the same, when the Senator from Arizona is officially nominated during the Republican National Convention at St Paul, Minnesota, at the beginning of September.

In the degrading tradition of US Presidential candidates, both McCain and Obama have made the customary salutations to the pro-Israeli Lobby.

Whether Obama wins the White House or not, come Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, the incontestable fact is that what has been achieved this far is by itself a milestone. Race concerns remain a potent factor. For example, 20 percent of white Democrats in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia have openly acknowledged that race is a factor in their voting choice. This election will test the mettle and maturity of the American voter.

Obama faces formidable obstacles, including an attack campaign of vicious rumours on the Internet, which his staff is already preparing to counter. However, Obama’s Achilles’ heel could be his wife Michelle, who can on occasion convey gloom and grievance, in striking contrast to her husband’s optimism.

America has its share of socio-political weaknesses. Yet, embedded in its midst are some strengths which give space to those bereft of means and genes to flourish. Attached with it is the inherent dynamism which gives it the capacity to self-correct.

This capacity will face its toughest challenge with respect to re-aligning America’s disastrous posture in the Muslim world. It is a task of state-craft which cannot be bypassed by whoever becomes the temporary inhabitant of the White House. It requires fresh energy, new ideas, and the momentum driven by the thirst for change. It is a challenge that Obama cannot avoid

IIC Praises the Remarks of Buddhist Dalai Lama

The Islamic Information Center would like praise Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, for his words regarding Islam and peace on July 13, 2008. The Tibetan leader gave a speech entitled “Generating a Good Heart”. He centered his lecture on three key words, “listen, learn, love.” The Dalai Lama wished to express his belief that problems in today’s world should be solved with a calm mind and compassion.

“I think many problems we are facing are not due to lack of knowledge, (not) lack of experience, but to lack of good-heartedness,” he said.

When asked about the rise in violent religious fundamentalism the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize laureate communicated his opinion on the accusations made against the religion of Islam. He stated that “it’s totally wrong, unfair” to call Islam a violent religion. In addition the Dalai Lama emphasized the fact that he has made an effort to reach out to Muslims since the attacks of September 11.
The Islamic Information Center, under the guidance of Imam Syed Naqvi, works to bring understanding among people of all faiths and background in an attempt to build bridges for the future to prevent hate crimes through education and tolerance. IIC also works to correct any misinformation about matters relating to the Holy Religion of Islam.

Islam and DNA

The debate on destiny (Taqdeer) and the ability of a person to change it has been going on for ever. We, as Muslims, believe that our fate or destiny has been written by Almighty Allah, but how much God has empowered us to define our own destiny is always debatable. Religious leaders, philosophers and poets all have touched this subject from all sorts of angles but, for some, a clear and convincible picture is not there.

In the last half a century science has progressed tremendously and has come up with knowledge on a molecular level on how things work in the world and more interestingly in our body.  Science is coming up with details on the primary force which has been controlling our lives, how individual traits are transferred from one generation to the other and if we have any control on some of these aspects. Can we look at the subject of destiny based on the wealth of knowledge that we have today. It has been established beyond any doubt that DNA is the building block of every living thing in this world. Some scientists describe it as the “language of God”. With this unique language He designs, manages and controls every living thing. Since DNA determines our characteristics and traits, it should also have a significant role in our destiny, the destiny that we believe is pre-determined by Allah.

The Holy Qur’an describes the destiny in different places.
“Of what substance God created him. From a drop of semen. He create him and then established his Taqdeer.” (Sura 80-Abasa, 18-19)
At another place it is stated;
“We have indeed created all things by Qadar. And our command is but one (word), swift as the winking of an eye.” (Sura 54-Al-Qamar, 50-51)
“Who created everything and then determined its exact Taqdeer (Destiny, measure, makeup) (25-Al-Furqan, 2)
It is not only writing the Taqdeer but also writing in full details:
“There is nothing that We have left out from recording (the Taqdeer).
(Sura 6-Al-Anaam, 39)
Let us look at the establishment or writing of the Taqdeer with the DNA point of view.
The DNA designing is God’s most marvelous creation. The details started revealing when Watson and Crick first revealed the structure of DNA in 1953. A double helix with its intricate ladder like structure consisting of only four bases (chemicals) A, C, G, T. All these are part of the genes in chromosomes which is part of a cell. The genes are made of hundreds to thousands of the coding letters. It is like a computer language but far more complex. Each coding letter, called “Genetic code and the arrangement of these letters determines particular characteristics, not only for a person but for a plant or for any other living being.
When a child is born we always compare the features with his parents and relatives—oh, he looks like his father, no his features are more close to his mother. Oh, the forehead has some resemblance of his grand father; no it is more like his uncle. This is all the work of DNA. The arrangements of all the coding letters are attributed to millions of different possible characteristics. To make it more interesting and complex God has made things in pairs, male and females:
“All glory to Him. He created pairs of every thing that grows from the Earth, and out of themselves, and other things they do not know”. (Sura 30-Yaseen, 36).
When the DNA and the genetic codes of male and female combine during reproduction, a new individual is created, bearing characteristics of both the parents. Since this process is going on since ever, codes are transferred not only from the immediate parents but from their grand parents, great-great grand parents and so on and on. Not only it determines individual’s specific characters, but also determines if it is a smiling human baby or a sweet smelling rose plant or a snake full of venom. These DNA codes determine millions of characteristic of an individual, his color, his height, his body structure, his face features, and the way he acts and behaves.
To make it more organized and diversified, the genes transferring the traits are two types, the dominant ones and the recessive ones. The dominant genes transfer the main characters while the recessive genes are active sometime and dormant other time. Thus, some of traits or characteristics could skip a generation of offspring but show up in the next on or the next one. A monk scientist Mendel in early nineteenth century experimented with peas and came up with a methmatical model of how these two types of characteristics (genes) are transferred from one generation to the other.
Thus, God’s plans of propagation of a species are not haphazard but precisely calculated and planned to make everything interesting as well as  diversified. Ay several place in Qur’an it is described “similar (in kind) yet different (in variety) (Surah Al-Anam, 99, 141). How intelligent is this Divine design working through a complex system of chromosomes, genes and ultimately DNA.
In human each person is so unique that no other individual can have the same DNA make up or DNA language. One person’s structure of eye, finger prints, face or body features are so individualized that no one ever in the history of the universe have had the same features and would not have the same features in the future generations to come. Isn’t that amazing?  The DNA also determines individual’s behaviors, the way he or she thinks, the way that person reacts, struggles in his or her life, mind set and moods. This is the destiny or Taqdeer that is written as an exact DNA language so very précised and specific for that person.
“We have indeed created all things by Qadar (measure). And Our command is but one word, swift as the winking of an Eye” (Sura 54-Al-Qamar, 50-51).
“When He wills a thing He says “Be’ and it happens” (Sura 30-Yaseen, 82)
More recently scientists have started deciphering the DNA language and looking into the codes and their functions in genes. They had to sequence the DNA in a genome of a specific species (decoding the language) and then look into functions of different codes.
The Human genome was successively sequenced in the year 2000 and as Francis Collins, director of this project writes “The language of God was revealed” (The Language of God, F. Collins, Simon & Schuster, 2007). It is interesting to know that the basic gene functions of humankind and many rudimentary creatures like earthworms and flies are almost similar. Moreover, our genome language, which consists of 3.1 billion letters of DNA, is 99.9 % similar to that of Chimpanzee.
This shows that God’s language is so precise that a slight change in the language or the sequence of words ends up in a huge difference in the outcome. Interestingly this precision of the language is maintained in the reproduction and multiplication of cells and is passed on to the next generation cells. Even a minute change of one word in the sequence, if it occurs in the propagation of a cell, may cause serious problems. God has designed a built-in system of repair by destroying such transcription errors during the cell division and multiplication. In case if this transcription error skips the repair system, it causes serious diseases like cancer or many genetic diseases.
The whole language, its sequence, its attributes, its functionalities, and the millions of micro machines running in the body by this system are so complex and so enormous that if one wants to write these there would not be enough paper in the world to accommodate the information. And this is only one small aspect of the complex system of the whole Universe. This has been beautifully mentioned in the Holy Qur’an:
“Say, if the ocean turned to ink for writing down the colloquy of my Lord, the ocean itself would be exhausted before the words of my Lord come to end, Even if we brought another like it for replenishment”(Sura 18-Al-Kahf, 109)
Now comes the second part that is a person’s own capabilities to make his or her ultimate destiny. Though some of our actions come from our dictating DNA, God has left a scope of change and improvement based on the individual’s efforts. Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory comes from this scope of improvement. We are not only capable of improving ourselves but also can transfer these improvements onto our generations to come. One can inherit bad temper and frown like his father but at the same time has capabilities to control the temper, develop a polite attitude, and smile more often.
One can get laziness from one of the parents but has capability to strive harder and become an active person and a great achiever. Scientists have studied some of the features in a chromosome and their association with a genetic trait. The association is found roughly 50%. Just to give some examples, general cognitive ability (50%), extroversion (54%), openness (57%), aggressiveness (38%), traditionalism (54%) (Bouchard and McGue. J. Neurobiology, 2003, 54:4). As Collins in his book “The Language of God” writes “half of our population carries a specific genetic variant that makes them sixteen times more likely to end up in jail”. The Socio economic, environmental factors and personal efforts influence significantly in making the person to go to jail or live a decent life.
Similarly Collins writes “heritable factors play a role in male homosexuality. However, the likelihood that the identical twin of a homosexual male will also be a gay is about 20%…..indicating that sexual orientation is genetically influenced but not hardwired by DNA, and that whatever genes are involved represent predisposition and not predetermination”
These facts indicate that God has given the power to change our inherited abilities. He wants an ongoing process of progress and improvement. He has given traits but has also given instinct as well as intellect to struggle and improve ourselves, excel in our life, and to be a better person. He has empowered us to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong and chose the right path as given in codes of conducts established by a society as well as given in the religious guidelines.

Environmental, social, economical as well as religious influences play a very significant role in choosing a path, both the right one and the wrong one. As the famous scientist Galileo once wrote “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use”

IIC Responds to President Obama’s Remarks in Cairo

The entire globe is anxiously awaiting the Muslim world’s reaction to President Obama’s recent speech in Cairo, Egypt. The Islamic Information Center commends President Obama for taking the initiative to address the Muslim world in a productive manner.  News reports have examined whether Muslims will accept his words and thus accept the new political philosophy espoused by the Obama administration. The truth is, however, that by and large each Muslim will likely have two simple reactions to the President’s speech: the first of which is that the President has made some truly wonderful remarks, and within his speech has demonstrated his respect for the Muslim people and the Islamic faith.  He made references to the Holy Book of Islam, the Qur’an, he honored the rights of Muslims in America and around the world, and he vowed to move forward with mutual respect. The second likely reaction from Muslims will be based in pragmatism. The Muslim world is very familiar with the concept of verbal gestures of friendship, but as the President recognized, “no single speech” can change the world situation.  Accordingly, while Muslims will react positively to the speech, eyes around the world will be watching for a change in policy.

A change in policy regarding Arab monarchies and dictatorships is something Muslims will watch closely.  It is a sad reality that there are a great many Arab governments that regularly oppress their native Muslim populations, especially along sectarian lines, in addition to other minority non-Muslim groups.  Countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen actively persecute large segments of their populations, most often the sizeable Shia communities, as well as other Christian and Jewish minorities, in the name of fabricated sectarian ideologies, (that are not based in Islam).  Despite this, the United States remains a proud friend of the Saudi Royal Family, has signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement with Bahrain, and has made Yemen an ally in the Bush administration’s “War on Terror”.  Obviously, these ties were developed well before President Obama came into office, but it is time to deal with the present and prepare for the future.

While Muslims welcome President Obama’s gestures of friendship and mutual respect, platonic relationships with oppressive governments will only exacerbate the current situation. What most Muslims realize – and unfortunately Western analysts sometimes gloss over – is that it is primarily the governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen that are the sources of extremism, inter-sectarian tensions, and hostility towards the United States.  What Muslims want from the White House is an end to support for governments that harm their own populations, whether they are Muslim or not, and whether it is militarily expedient or not.  It should also be noted that Osama Bin Laden was born and raised in Saudi Arabia’s capitol city of Riyadh, maintained bases and training centers in Yemen, and used the Bahrain International Bank to allocate funding for terrorist purposes.  The Muslim world knows that bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban are engaging in a war of cowardice and desperation, that these governments contribute to this problem, and that leadership on this issue from President Obama would go a long way in gaining widespread support amongst the Muslim victims of terrorism around the world.

Muslims will respond well to the President’s extensive knowledge of Islam and the history behind various conflicts.  President Obama’s speech notably included mention of the need for ensuring that Muslims in America have the ability to fulfill their religious duties, such as the Islamic concept of zakaat, or charity, and the verses he selected from the Holy Qur’an show a genuine interest in dialogue, neither of which will go unnoticed by the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims. Yet as much as Muslims will appreciate his words, and raise their hopes for a brighter future, they will accordingly expect new policies to reflect the President’s words.

American Leadership Initiative for Muslims Convention 2011

The Islamic Information Center is proud to announce its second annual convention, the American Leadership Initiative for Muslims, to take place on September 2 – 4, 2011 in Bethesda, MD. We are seeking the best and brightest from each community, professionals, students, community activists, and anyone who wants to make a difference to attend this action-oriented convention. This convention is different than any other type of Muslim convention in a few ways.

The American Leadership Initiative for Muslims Convention is dedicated to brainstorming actionable ideas, plans, and initiatives to elevate the status of our community in the United States. At the conclusion of the convention, attendees will return to their home communities with specific plans of action to effectuate these goals, and the Islamic Information Center will help to coordinate these nationwide initiatives throughout the year.

  • This is an action oriented convention, dedicated to creating new and realistic solutions – nothing at this convention is “hypothetical
  • All attendees participate in discussions on the future of our community in this country
  • This event features organizations that have succeeded in different ways in helping Muslims and other innocents around the world, including Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Amnesty International, the United Nations, the NAACP, and more!
  • The convention will also feature various government agencies and elected officials responsible for policies that affect us all, such as the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury and more!
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to exengage in working simulations of political activism – getting on the job experience .
  • Upon sufficient interest, there may be the opportunity for a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for licensed attorneys.
  • This is not a “large scale” convention with innumerable attendees, but a convention that seeks to involve community members who want to make a difference.

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Policy Positions

Ashura is the annual commemoration of the heroic struggle of Imam Husain, Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Imam Husain gave his life to oppose a ruthless ruler who tried to change Islam from a religion of moderation to one of extremism. In giving his life, Husain stands as a source of inspiration to hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide, exemplifying the ideals of justice and good will. Notable civil rights leaders around the world, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohatma Gandhi, used Imam Husain as a source of inspiration in their struggles for equal rights and human values. IIC believes Congress should pass a resolution honoring Ashura as a time of remembrance.


Save the Shias – Issue 6

As part of the new IIC, and its dedication to providing high content, quality news – IIC brings you the newsletter of the human rights organization “Save the Shias”. A new organization, the group puts together an unbiased, informative, and thought provoking piece of news literature.

Highlights of this issue:

· Taliban Threaten to Attack MQM

· Silence of Ayatullahs, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon on Pakistan Shia Genocide…. Why?

· Imran Khan Detained upon Entering United States

IIC Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Direction

The Islamic Information Center, after a hiatus, has returned in a new format and with a more focused mission in order to best service the needs of the American Muslim community. IIC returns on its 10th Anniversary with a brand new webpage, a new dedication to community activism, and with a fresh stance. [FA_Lite id=”35″]

IIC has gone through many changes since its founding in 2002, and in its newest format, will primarily serve as a news organization – dedicated to unbiased, topical, and accurate reporting of stories that are of critical importance to Muslims around the world

Individuals interested in obtaining round the clock information, and the latest updated stories on Islamic issues, can go to the IIC webpage 24 hours a day, and constantly receive the latest updated news. IIC’s new webpage has a modified version of “Islam in 60 Seconds” available throughout the day, with fresh new stories throughout the day – every day. Want to see it?