The Islamic Information Center is proud to announce its first annual three day convention, entitled the American Leadership Initiative for Muslims (ALIM) to take place from July 17th – July 19th, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. The registration fee is $55 and will all the meals for the weekend, transportation and a special IIC Briefing Packet. The registration fee can be paid after successful application to the conference The hotel accommodations are available at a special convention rate $79 per night and can be reserved by calling the Hyatt at 1-800-233-1234 and requesting the Islamic Information Center.

How to Look for an Apartment that Fits Your Needs during the Convention

If you are looking for an apartment that will fit your family needs today, there are a number of different things that you should consider. Since an apartment can range from relatively inexpensive to luxury accommodations, it is very important that people know what is available prior to starting their search. Specifically, for those who are considering long range terms that they can live in for several years to come. With that being said, here are some basic recommendations that can help to get started with their actual quest for the best.


Recommendation #1 – Decide Which location in the City that Will fit Your Needs Best

It is not uncommon for people to search around for an apartment near the place that they work or the location near the school that they attend since it may be a matter of convenience. So, this is one of the first factors that should be considered when looking around. Fortunately, with all of the information that is made available on the internet, people have access to more than the yellow pages and driving around a location. For instance, if an individual is looking around for apartments Mississauga in their local area, they may decide to choose units that they can find within 10 to 20 minutes from their job. Or, they may not mind commuting in from a faraway location if they have a desire to live in a suburban area instead of the city. Either way the choice is solely up to that individual and their family.


Recommendation #2 – Budget – Make it Realistic

Just like a car note, the rent payment comes around quickly too. So, it is very important that the amount that is paid falls well within an affordable budget. Meaning the Mississauga apartment rent must not be too high for an individual to pay comfortably without having to struggle each month to pay it by its due date. Also, since unexpected expenses can also drain on the budget, people should leave a little wiggle room.

Recommendations #3- Timing is a Big Factor in Getting a Good Apartment

Each city is different so learn how your city works, specifically when it comes to the best times to search. While some cities may have landlords that want their renters to sign the lease immediately to close their deals, others may allow a little extra time to sign the lease. Therefore, it is very important that people know what applies to the areas so they do not miss a good Mississauga apartment when they find them.

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