IIC Responds to Anti Prophet Muhammad Media

(WASHINGTON DC – September 20, 2012) The Islamic Information Center reaffirms its condemenation of all media material that insults or denigrates Islam and Prophet Muhammad, and all other media types designed to falsely insult or denigrate any other group of people, and is firmly against any efforts to create enmity between Muslims and non-Muslims.

However, IIC believes this is the an excellent opportunity to strike a blow at the perpetrators of hate speech – by engaging in intellectual dialogue. Nearly every media outlet around the world is talking about how materials have been made to insult Prophet Muhammad – but almost none of them are talkign about the actual personality of Prophet Muhammad. This creates a gap in the news, and it is the responsibility of Muslims to fill that gap with the truth in a way that is attractive to a plethora of audiences.

To that effect, IIC calls upon community members to download and distribute the Prophet Muhammad Information Packet, developed by IIC, and use it as a starting point to talk to non-Muslims about the true personality and life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May God Bless Him).