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Islamic Information Center

(WASHINGTON DC – November 8, 2012) Begun in 2006, Islam in 60 Seconds has been an important news source for Muslims in 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, England, France, and Pakistan. The New IIC returns with Volume VI of Islam in 60 Seconds. Each story is an abbreviated summary of the news, allowing […]

As part of the new IIC, and its dedication to providing high content, quality news – IIC brings you the newsletter of the human rights organization “Save the Shias”. A new organization, the group puts together an unbiased, informative, and thought provoking piece of news literature. Highlights of this issue: · Taliban Threaten to Attack […]

(WASHINGTON DC – November 2, 2012) The Islamic Information Center, after a hiatus, has returned in a new format and with a more focused mission in order to best service the needs of the American Muslim community. IIC returns on its 10th Anniversary with a brand new webpage, a new dedication to community activism, and […]

Prophet Muhammad Packet

(WASHINGTON DC – September 20, 2012) The Islamic Information Center reaffirms its condemenation of all media material that insults or denigrates Islam and Prophet Muhammad, and all other media types designed to falsely insult or denigrate any other group of people, and is firmly against any efforts to create enmity between Muslims and non-Muslims. However, […]

Egyptian protests

(WASHINGTON DC — September 14, 2012) The Islamic Information Center, joining a statement from UMAA and the Idara e Jaferia, strongly condemns the attacks on the United States Embassies in Cairo, Eypt, Benghazi, Libya, and Sanaa, Yemen. Further, we condemn the murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and that of his staff members. No legitimate […]